There was a crash outside my window.

There was a Montreal friend at street-corner. I only happened to be there, to see him, because I was on my way back from buying toothbrushes, wooden handled ones with bristles that sit well on the gums. I get my toothbrushes from a shop above the park, and on the walk home we locked eyes and smiled. Fate is a lovely lady and hygiene is very important.

A**** is on his way over now. Gaunt thin frame-face, hollowed eyes, french feminine accent and cheeky smile that wears so well with a cigarette. Last time I saw him he gifted me a bag of maple sugar. He’s sweet. Gosh, that was over a year ago, wasn’t it? And before that it was 2020 and quarantine, and him and Alex and makeup before my tiny bathroom mirror before algo bien. Sharing mirrors is also very important.

When I started this blurb I heard a <smash, slide, burn> from down on the street, saw a motorist laid out on concrete at the intersection of Zacatecas and Merida. He must of really hit down hard because he wasn’t really moving at first, shock I guess. He’s okay now though. He is up and breathing heavy, hands over head. A pastor and a Rappi driver are helping to lift the motorcycle. On top, Saturday church bells are playing. It’s all a bit weird and México around here tonight. Church bells aren’t too too important, but they’re still a vibe.

Ciudad de México, Septiembre 202